Gutter Cleaning

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At Petersfield Waste & Recycling we offer an External Gutter Cleaning Service as well as Fascia, Soffit, Bargeboard cleaning.

Petersfield Waste & Recycling will clear out the gutters of debris, moss, soil, grass and other plants that can start growing within your guttering pipework and system.

We can also remove and clean the dirt, mould and mildew off your Fascia Boards, Soffit, Barge Board & the outside of your Gutters. This is using a kind and gentle cleaning method that doesn’t cause any damage to your fascia’s, soffit’s or bargeboards.

We don’t like using a power pressure washers to clean gutters for the following reasons:

  • Our tried and tested methods clean better than the tap water that power washers use.
  • Power washers have a tendency to force water up through vents and into your roof space area. As this is an unheated area mould can easily start growing in your roof space from the damp created by a power pressure washer.
  • Power pressure washers can easily damage loose, old or incorrectly fitting UPVC panels.
  • They can easily flake off house paint causing unnecessary damage.
  • Power pressure washers tend to spread dirt which actually caused additional cleaning to be required.

Please call us on 07751 984502 to discuss your requirements.